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Am D It's like a polaroid love G C Sarang chonseureon geu gamje
sdora4625, 30 / 12, 2021 758
[C]Flashing lights and we Took a wrong turn and we [Am]Fell down a rabbit hole. You [C] held on
Chord Imperfect, 2 / 07, 2018 2,238
Intro C G Am F C G Am F Verse 1 C G You booked the night
Tobi, 31 / 01, 2021 1,241
(Intro: Ariana Grande) G Mmm Bm Hey, yeah C (That's just for fun) (What?) Em D Ah
Tobi, 10 / 05, 2020 17,153
Intro C Em G D Verse 1 C Em G D Maybe it's the way you say
Tobi, 6 / 01, 2022 1,526

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