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Dan Byrd

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I don't know [Am] why, you said good-[Dm]-bye Just let me [F] know, you didn't [E] go forever, my
Zarker, 18 / 07, 2019 Am C Dm E F G 2,100
1. [Am] Stay my love after [Dm] all these years [G] Stay my love I can’t [C] hide my tears [F] A
Tobi, 27 / 07, 2019 Am B7 C Dm E F G 1,030
1. [Am]Sayonara means good [Dm]bye [G]Sayonara and I [C]try, [F]try to be the ones who [A#]leaves
Tobi, 16 / 08, 2019 A# A7 Am C Dm E7 F G 915