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Chappell Roan

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-Intro- G A D Bm -Verse 1- G A It's fine, it's cool D
Tobi, 16 / 04, 2024 A Bm D Dm Em G 3,262
-Intro- A -Verse 1- A She was a playboy, Brigitte Bardot Bm She showed me things I di
Tobi, 16 / 04, 2024 A Bm D 1,761
[C#]I could be the one or your new addiction [C#]It's all in my head, but I want non-fiction [F#]
v, 12 / 06, 2024 C# F# G# 740
[G]We broke up on a Tuesday [Bm]Kicked me out with the rent paid [Fmaj7]Ruined my credit, stole my
calliebastien, 6 / 07, 2024 Bm C Fmaj7 G 394