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The Bidding

Am Tally Hall Am Vote rhythm
Tone: [Am]
I've bee[Am]been sleeping in [Dm]a cardboa[C]rd box[E]
spending ev[Am]every dollar at [Dm]the liquo[C]r shop[E]
and even though I k[Am]now I haven't g[C]ot a l[F]ot
I t[Dm]ry to give you lo[E]ving till the[Abm] day you d[Am]rop
I've been t[Am]training like a [Dm]Pavlov d[C]dog [E]
sent my independ[Am]independence out to [Dm]take a[C]a hike [E]
all you gotta [Am]do is activ[C]activate my [F]bell [Dm]
and I'll [E]fetch you an[Abm]anything you [Am]like
going [D]once, going [C]twice
every [F]man here has a [G]price
over [D]here, over [C]there
sold to [F]not a single [G]lady in here
I've [Am]been here like a [Dm]thousand [C]times [E]
Dated every[Am]every woman in the [Dm]atmosphe[C]atmosphere [E]
I've b[Am]been to every [Dm]continent[C]continent [E]
Broken all the [Am]hearts in every [Dm]hemisp[C]hemisphere
And if I'm n[E]not the type of [Am]guy you like to [C]cirxxx[F]cirxxxvent
Just reme[Dm]remember not to [E]love me when I [Abm]disapp[Am]disappear
[Am]I graduated [Dm]at the [C]top
I [E]like to take ad[Am]advantage of the [Dm]bourgeoi[C]bourgeoisie
So [E]if you have a [Am]fantasy of [C]being a [F]queen
[Dm]Maybe you should [E]blow a couple [Abm]bucks on [Am]me
going [D]once, going [C]twice
Won't these [F]gentlemen suf[G]suffice?
Any [D]here, Any [C]there
Any [F]motions any[G]anywhere
going [D]twice, going [C]thrice
guess this [F]means we'll go 4 [G]times a lady
I[A] promise I[E]'ll be all you n[D]eed, ever ne[A]ed
you'll [Bm]never have to s[E]shop ar[A]around [D]
[A]I'll give y[E]you all you ever [D]need, ever n[A]need
don't wo[Bm]worry I will nev[E]never let you [A]down, let you[D] down
don't wo[Bm]rry I will nev[E]er let you d[A]own.
[Am]So many ladies are[Dm]are wanting for mates
[C]And the prospects are good B[E]But the date's never great
[Am]Over here O[Dm]ver there O[C]ver where A[E]nywhere
[Am]They're too busy [Dm]With winning
[C]The bidding T[E]To care and he's
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Updated 2023-03- 2
Views: 1,435 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Tally Hall Genre: US-UK , Reggae Favorite: 0
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