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Secret Garden

[C] [Fmaj7]
e|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------| B|-1--3--1----3--1-|----3--1----3--1-|-1--3--1----3--1-|----3--1----3--1-| G|-0---------------|-----------------|-2---------------|-----------------| D|-2---------------|-----------------|-3---------------|-3---------------| A|-3---------------|-3---------------|-----------------|-----------------| E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
[Am] [Fmaj7] [F6]
e|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------|-0-------0-------| B|-1--3--1----3--1-|----3--1----3--1-|-1--3--1----3--1-|----3--1-----3---| G|-2---------------|-----------------|-2---------------|-------------5---| D|-2---------------|-----------------|-3---------------|-3-----------3---| A|-0---------------|-0---------------|-----------------|-----------------| E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1
[C] She'll let you in her house, if you come[Fmaj7]come knockin' late at night
[Am7] She'll let you in her mouth, if the[Fmaj7]the words you say are right
[C] If you pay the price,[Fmaj7]price, she'll let you deep inside
There's a [Am]se - [Am7]cret [C/G]gar - [G7sus4]den she h[C]hides
Verse 2
[C] She'll let you in her car,[Fmaj7]car, to go drivin' around
[Am7] She'll let you into the parts of herself,[Fmaj7]herself, that'll bring you down
[C] She'll let you in her heart, if you[Fmaj7]you got a hammer and a vice
But into her [Am]se - [Am7]cret [C/G]gar - [G7sus4]den, don't thin[C]think twice
[Am7] You've gone a m[Fmaj7]illion miles,[C] how far'd you g[G]et
[Am7] To that place where you [Fmaj7]can't remember,[C]remember, and you can't forg[G]forget
Verse 3
[C] She'll lead you down the path, there'll be[Fmaj7]be tenderness in the air
[Am7] She'll let you come just far enough, so you[Fmaj7]you know she's really there
And she'[C]she'll look at you and smile,[Fmaj7]smile, and her eyes will say
[Am7] She's got a secret garden,[Fmaj7]garden, where everything you want
[C] Where everything you need,[Fmaj7]need, will always stay
A [Am]mil - [Am7]lion [C/G]miles [G7sus4]a - [C]way
[C] [Fmaj7] [Am7] [Fmaj7] [C] [Fmaj7] [Am7] [Fmaj7]
[C] [Fmaj7] [Am] [Am7] [C/G] [G7sus4] [C]
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Updated 2021-12-31
Views: 47 Poster: DéA (Tobi approved)
Author: Bruce Springsteen Genre: Slow Rock Favorite: 1
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