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Agar Tum Saath Ho

Tone [D]
Capo 1
[D]Pal bhar [G]thahar jaao
[D]Dil ye [G]sambhal jaaye
[D]Kaise tumhe roka [G]karun [A]
[D]Meri [G]taraf aata [D]har gham [G]phisal jaaye
[D]Aankhon mein tum ko [G]bharun [A]
[D]Bin bole baatein [G]tumse karun[A]karun
[G]Agar tum saath [A]ho.. [D]
[G]Agar tum saath [A]ho [D]
[G] [A] [G] [D]
[D]Behti [G]rehti.. [A]
[D]Nahar na[G]nadiya si teri [A]duniya mein
[D]Meri dun[G]duniya hai teri [A]chaahaton mein
[D]Main dhal [G]jaata hoon teri [A]aadaton mein
[G]'gar tum saath [A]ho [D]
[G]Teri nazron mein hai [A]tere sapne
[G]Tere sapno mein [D]hai naraazi
[G]Mujhe lagta hai ke [A]baatein dil ki
[G]Hoti lafzon ki [A]dhokebaazi
[D]Tum saath ho ya na ho [G]kya fark ha[A]hai
[D]Bedard thi zindagi [G]bedard hai[A]hai
[G]Agar tum saath [A]ho [D]
[G]Agar tum saath [A]ho [D]
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Updated 2020-09-22
Views: 1,118 Poster: Sunny (Tobi approved)
Author: Tamasha Genre: Bollywood Favorite: 0
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