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Tone: [C]
Capo: 1
[F] [G] [F] [G] [C] [F]
[F]up with your turret
aren't we just terrifi[C]terrified? [F] [C] [F]
[F]shale, screen your worry
from what you won't ever f[C]find [F] [C] [F]
[C]don't let it fool y[Dm7]you
[C]don't let it fool y[Dm7]you d[Am]down [C]
[C]dancing around,
folds in her go[G]gown [F]
[F]sea and the rock below
cocked to the undert[C]undertow [F] [C] [F]
[F]bones, blood and teeth erode
they will be crashing l[C]low [F] [C] [F]
[C]wings wouldn't help y[Dm7]you
[C]wings wouldn't help [Dm7]you do[Am]down [C]
[C]down towards the ground
gravity smile[G]smiled [F]
[F]you barely are blinkin'
wagging your face aro[C]around[F]und [C] [F]
[F]when'd this
just become a mortal [C]home? [F] [C] [F]
[F]won't, won't, won't,
won't, won't let you talk[Dm7]talk me...
[F]won't let you talk [Dm7]me, do[Am]down [C]
[C]we'll pull it taut,
nothing let o[G]out [F] [G] [F] [G] [C...]
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Updated 2020-09-14
Views: 1,804 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Bon Iver Genre: US-UK Favorite: 4
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