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Welcome To Wonderland

Tone: [C]
Capo: 4
[C] [G] [Am] [F]
W[C]Welcome to Wonderland
W[C]We've got it all
P[G]Potions and pastries that make you grow tall
F[Am]Forests and
cottages, castles and cards that can t[F]talk
W[C]Welcome to Wonderland
L[C]Look where you're at
M[G]Maddest of hatters
T[G]The Cheshire Cat
M[Am]Magical cabins and lovely
white rabbits with clo[F]clocks
Da[F]Dancing through a dre[C]dream
Undern[E]Underneath the s[Am]stars
La[F]ughing till the mo[C]rning co[G]mes
Ev[F]eryone that lea[C]ves has a he[E]avy he[Am]art
Oooh, W[F]onderla[G]nd I lo[C]ve
We[C]Welcome to Wonderland
I'[C]I'll be your guide
Ho[G]Holding your hand under sapphire skies
Le[Am]Let's go exploring or we could just go for
a [F]walk
We[C]Welcome to Wonderland
Wh[C]Where should we go
Th[G]There's a tea party along down the road
Ma[Am]Make an appearance and maybe they'll sing us a song[F]song
Dan[F]Dancing through a dr[C]dream
Und[E]Underneath the st[Am]stars
Lau[F]ghing till the mo[C]rning co[G]mes
Eve[F]ryone that l[C]eaves has a h[E]eavy he[Am]art
Oooh, W[F]onder[G]land I lo[C]ve
Noth[F]Nothing around here is qu[G]quite
as it se[C]seems
N[F]Not sure if anything is re[G]real or
a dr[C]dream
And the o[F]only thing sure from the sta[G]stars
is the so[C]song that's inside of your h[Am]heart
Don't l[F]let
it le[G]leave
I[F]f this was a d[C]ream then at le[G]ast I've g[Am]ot
m[F]emories for when mor[C]ning com[G]es
N[F]ow that I must le[C]ave with a he[E]avy he[Am]art
Oooh, W[F]onder[G]land I lo[C]ve
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Updated 2020-03- 3
Views: 3,826 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Anson Seabra Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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