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At The Door

G The Strokes Bb Vote rhythm
Tone: [G]
Capo: 3
[Em] [D] [Em] [D] [G] [Am]
I [Em]can't escape it[D]it
I'm [Em]never gonna
make it [D]out of this in [G]time
I guess t[Am]that's just fine
I'm not [Em]there quite yet [D]
My thoughts[Em]thoughts, such a mess [D]
Like [G]Like a little boy
What you ru[Am]runnin' for?
Run[Em]Run at the door [D]
An[Em]Anyone home? [D]
Have I [G]Have I lost it all?
Struck me like a [Am7]chord
I'm an onl[D7]only boy
Holdin' on th[G]the night
Lonely after[C]after light
You begged me not to [Am7]go
Sinkin' like a st[D7]stone
Use me like an o[G]oar
And get yourself to s[C]shore [D]
B[Em]Bang at the door [D]
A[Em]Anyone home? [D]
It's just wh[G]what they do
Right in fro[Am]front of you
Like a [Em]cannonball [D]
Slammin' t[Em]through your wal[D]wall
In their f[G]face, I saw
What they're f[Am]fightin' for
I ca[Em]can't escape it [D]
I'm [Em]never gonna make
it t[D]to the en[G]end, I guess
Struck me like a [Am7]chord
I'm an only[D7]only boy
Holdin' on th[G]the night
Lonely after[C]after light
Banging on the doo[Am7]door
I don't want to [D7]know
Sinkin' like a st[G]stone
Use me like an o[C]oar
Onto fi[Em]fight what I can’t s[G]see
Not [C]tryna build
No d[D]dynasty
I can't [Em]see beyond this w[G]wall
But we [C]lost this game
So many time[D]times before

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Tobi 3 days ago
G Em D Am Am7 D7 C 0

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Updated 2020-02-13
Views: 5 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: The Strokes Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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