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G Lewis Capaldi B Vote rhythm
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    Tone: [G]
    Capo: 4
    [G] [Bm]
    [G]Salt of the earth, my f[Bm]friend
    It's a[G]all that we are in the e[Bm]end
    Well, you t[G]trapped down all the lines you d[Bm]drew
    And I[G]I can take the hit but
    I'm sorry, I don't want the b[Bm]bruise
    Y[C]Your voice gets a little loud
    W[Cm]When there's nothing to talk about, you [G]shout, d[Bm]dear
    A[C]And I'll find my lights fading out
    [Cm]More and more by the hour
    It gets d[G]dark in h[Bm]here
    If you got t[C]time eno[Cm]enough for [G]me
    Sing me a s[C]song and s[Cm]send me to [G]sleep
    Slip into [C]my headsp[Cm]headspace while I d[G]dream
    Spin me a [C]yarn, wrap it [Cm]up around [G]me
    [G] [Bm]
    [G]Dust to dust, my f[Bm]friend
    W[G]Well, you're only blood and bones
    And I know your heart's at war with your h[Bm]head
    I am [G]sure it hurt to s[Bm]see
    You're more than I[G]I'll ever have
    And more than I'll ever [Bm]be
    I[C]I know it's a little late
    [Cm]My timing was never great
    But I'm ca[G]calling, de[Bm]dear
    [C]I just wanted to let you know
    [Cm]That I won't bother you anymore
    I'll be [G]gone this time next [Bm]year
    If you got t[C]time eno[Cm]enough for [G]me
    Sing me a s[C]song and s[Cm]send me to [G]sleep
    Slip into [C]my headsp[Cm]headspace while I d[G]dream
    Spin me a [C]yarn, wrap it [Cm]up around [G]me [Bm]
    If you got [C]time eno[Cm]enough for [G]me
    Sing me a s[C]ong and s[Cm]end me to s[G]leep
    I never thought that a l[C]ie could s[Cm]ound so sw[G]eet
    Until you opened your mo[C]mouth
    And you [Cm]said you loved m[G]me


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    Updated 2019-11-20
    Views: 45 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
    Author: Lewis Capaldi Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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