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Could I Love You Anymore

Capo on 4th fret
[G]Full-moon bedroom, stars in your eyes
[Em]Last night the first time that I realized
[C]The glow between us f[D]felt so right
[G]We sat on the edge of the bed and you said
[Em]I never knew that I could
feel this way (Harmony in - Mraz)
[C]Love today can be so difficult
What we have I know is different
When [D]I'm with you the world stops turning
[G]Could I love you anymore?
[Bm]Could I love you anymore?
[Am]Could I love you anymore? [C] [D]
[G]Sunrise, time flies, feels like a dream
[Em]Being close, in. haling, hard to believe
[C]7 billion people in the world
Finding you is like a miracle
[D]Only this wonders remains
[G]Could I love you anymore?
Could I l[Bm]love you anymore?
Could I [Am]love you anymore?[C]anymore? [D] Hmmmmm
[G]Softly, [Em]slowly,[C]slowly, love u[D]unfolding
[G]Could this [Em]love be[C]be true?
(Strum & Plucking - Band out)
Could I l[G]love you anymore?
Could I l[Bm]love you anymore?
Could I l[Am]love you anymore?[C]anymore? [D] [(Strumming] [in)]
Could I l[G]love you anymore? (The question's rhetorical)
Could I l[Bm]love you anymore? (Oh, this feels phenomenal)
Could I l[Am]ove you anymore[C]? ([D]Love is all there is)
Could I l[G]love you anymore? (It's inexhaustible)
Could I l[Bm]love you anymore? (Oh, love's unstoppable)
Could I l[Am]ove you anymore?[C] (L[D]ove is all there is)
[G]Softly, [Em]slowly,[C]slowly, love u[D]unfolding (Could this love be true)
[G]Could this [Em]love be [C]true?
Could I [G]love you anymore?
Could I [Bm]love you anymore?
Could I [Am]love you anymore[C]anymore? [D] [G]
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Updated 2019-09-14
Views: 9,457 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Reneé Dominique Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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