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Summer Kisses Winter Tears

Capo on 3rd fret
1. Summer kisses, winter [Am] tears
That was what she gave [Dm] to me
Never thought that I'd travel [Em] all alone
The [Dm] trail of memo-[C] ries
2. Happy ours, lonely [Am] years
But i guess I can't [Dm] complain
For I still recall the [Em] summer sun
Through [Dm] all the winter [C] rain
Chorus: The [F] fire of love
The [G] fire of love
Can [C] burn from afar
And [Am] nothing can light
The [Em] dark of the night
[D] Like a falling [G] star
3. Summer kisses, winter [Am] tears
Like the stars they fade [Dm] away
Leaving me to spend my [Em] lonely nights
With [G] dreams of [C] yesterday [F] [C]
* Summer kisses, winter [Am] tears
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Updated 2019-08-20
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Author: Elvis Presley Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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