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Em Jamal Mirdad Em Vote rhythm
Intro: [Em] [D] [C] [B7] x 2 - [Em]
[Em] Du duh aduh Jamilah
Gadis ayu anak pak Lurah
aduh ma-[Am] nisnya
dia pandai berdandan
dia cantik [Em] sekali
dia ju-[F#] ga pandai men-[B7] gaji
[Em] Du duh aduh Jamilah
Tiap hari pergi mengaji
rajin se-[Am] kali
lewat depan rumahku
kutegur [Em] dia malu
sambil me-[B7] nunduk dia tersi-[Em] pu
Ya Jami-[D] lah (Jamilah, Jamilah)
Kau gadis a-[Em] yu (Jamilah gadis ayu)
Ya Jami-[D] lah (Jamilah, Jamilah)
Engkau kutung-[Em] gu
Agh aku [Am] mau (syur, syurr) melama-[Em] rmu
Bulan de-[Am] an [Bm] kita ke penghu-[Em] lu
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Updated 2019-08- 8
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