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Just another woman in love

G Anne Murray Bb Vote rhythm
1. I'm [G] strong I'm sure , I'm [Em] in control a [Am] lady with a plan
Be-[D7] lieving that life is a neat little package I [G] hold in my hand
I've got it together they call me the girl who knows [C] just what to say and do
Still I [Am] fumble and fall run into the wall 'cause [D7] when it comes to you
ĐK: [D7] I'm Just another woman in [C] love a kid out of [D7] school
A fire out of con-[G] trol just another [C] fool
You touch me and I'm [Am] weak like a feather in the [D7] wind
And I can't wait to [B7] feel you touching me [Em] again
[G] With you I'm [Am] just another woman [D7] just another woman in [G] love
2. So [G] pardon me if [Em] I should stare and [Am] tremble like a child
That [D7] wanting me look all over your face is [G] driving me wild
I'm just what you make me can't wait 'till you take me and [C] set all my feelin's free
I [Am] know that you can so come be my man to-[D7] night I wanna be
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Updated 2019-08- 4
Views: 2,360 Poster: Zarker (Zarker approved)
Author: P.Ryna , W. Mallette Genre: Favorite: 0
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