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Chotto matte kudasai (Never say goodbye)

G Frances Yip Bb Vote rhythm
1. [G] Chotto Matte Ku-[Am] dasai
[D] Please excuse me [G] while I cry
[Em] Seems Sayonara [Am] means goodbye
[D] But no one ever [G] told me why
2. Sakura was in [Am] the Spring
[D] When our hearts found [G] songs to sing
[Em] But Sakura has [Am] gone away
[D] And so our love [G] so they say
Chorus: Chotto Matte Ku-[C] dasai
[D] Please excuse me while [G] I cry
[Em] Without your love I [Am] would die
[D] Please never leave me Kuda-[G] sai
Chotto Matte Ku-[C] dasai
[D] Please excuse me while [G] I cry
[Em] Without your love I [Am] would die
[D] Please never never say good-[G] bye
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Updated 2019-07-31
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