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Annabelle's Homework

G Alec Benjamin Ab Vote rhythm
Tone chuan Ab. Capo 1 choi G
Verse 1
[G]Careful as I write her name
[D]On the corner of the page
[Em]Make it look like it was [C]her, all along
And I [G]put the paper in my bag
[D]As I'm walking back to class
[Em]And the notes I wrote
That [C]took me so long
[Bm]She doesn't notice me
She just [C]smiles and says
"Thank you for the [Bm]trigonometry"
'Cause that's [C]all it meant to her
[C]But I spent
[Em]22 days and [C]21 nights
[G]Crossing every T, just [D]making it right
[Em]Only to [C]discover it's not [G]worth
Doing [D]Annabelle's homework
[Em]Doesn't matter how many [C]papers I write
[G]End of the equation won't [D]be you and I
And [Em]now I'm just [C]another who got [G]hurt
Doing [D]Annabelle's homework
[G]Doing [D]Annabelle's homework
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