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You Are So Beautiful (Goblin OST)

Am Eddy Kim C Vote rhythm
Intro: [Am] [Em7] [Dm7] [Cmaj7]
[F] Jakku mureobo[Em7]neun neo
[Dm7] Neul hwaginhago[Cmaj7]peun neo
[F]Gateun malhaejwodo
[Em7]Maeil malhaejwodo
[Dm7]Wae gye[G]sok mu[Cmaj7]reo
[F]Ipsuri mallaone
Tto [Em7]sigeunttami heureune
Tto [Dm7]jeongdab[E7]eun alji[Am]man
[C]Ni[G]ga [F]deutgo sipeun mal
Geu [Em7]deutgo sipeun mal [D#7]
[Dm7]Nareul siheomhaneun [G]mal
Neo jeongmal [F]ippeuda
[G]Ippeuda [Em7]ippeudani[Am]kka
Wae [Dm7]nae mal mitji [G]anhneungeon[C]de [A7]wae
[Dm7]Malhago [G]malhago [C]amuri [Am]malhaedo
Hwanan [F]deushan neo[G]ui geu pyo[C]jeong
[F]Mal suga eopseo[Em7]jin neo
[Dm7] Deo buranhaeji[Cmaj7]neun na
[F]Maeil gateun kwijeu
[Em7]Banbokdoeneun geim
[Dm7]Nan hang[G]sang sul[Cmaj7]lae
[F]Meorireul saero haessna
Oh [Em7]sontobi bakkwieosseulkka
Oh [Dm7]gami [Em7]ojil an[Am]ha
[C]Ni[G]ga [F]deutgo sipeun mal
Geu [Em7]deutgo sipeun mal [D#7]
[Dm7]Jeongmal hinteudo eopsneun[G]ji
Neo jeongmal [F]ippeuda
[G]Ippeuda [Em7]ippeudani[Am]kka
Wae [Dm7]nae mal mitji [G]anhneungeon[C]de [A7]wae
[Dm7]Malhago [G]malhago [C]amuri [Am]malhaedo
Hwanan [F]deushan neo[G]ui geu pyo[C]jeong
[A#]Ippeudan mal ha[F]naron
Neol [Fm]pyohyeon hagin bujokhajan[C]ha
[D/F#]Baby.. nae [F]mamira[D/F#]do
[F/G]Kkeonaejwoya neon mitgess[G]ni.. [G#]
Neol jeongmal [F#]saranghae
[G#]Saranghae [Fm]saranghaneun[A#m]de
Wae [D#m]byeonhaessdago [G#]haneungeon[C#]de [A#7]wae
[D#m]Hwanaego [G#]ppijigo mae[C#]il torajyeo[A#m]do
Geugeos[F#]majeo sa[G#]rangseureo[C#]wo
Niga [F#]baekbeon ani
[G#]Cheonbeon nae[Fm]ge mureo[A#m]do
[D#m]Jeongdabeun neul [G#]hanande.. [A#m7] [Am7] [G#m7] [C#]
[F#]Eojedo [F#m]oneuldo nae[Fm]il tto mureo[A#m7]do
Sesang[D#m7]eseo ni[G#]ga jeil.. ippeo.. [F#m/C#] [C#]
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Updated 2019-02- 9
Views: 5,245 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
Author: N/A Genre: KPOP , Nhạc Hàn , Nhạc Hàn Quốc Favorite: 10
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