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capo 2
Verse 1:
[A]I used to [D]shut my [F#m]door while my mother [E]screamed in the kitchen
[A]I'd turn [D]the music [F#m]up, get high and [E]try not to listen
[A]To every little [D]fight, 'cause [F#m]neither one was [E]right
[A]I swore I'd never be like [D]them
But [F#m]I was just a kid back [E]then
The older I [D]get the more that I [E]see
My parents aren't [A]heroes, they're just like [F#m]me
And loving is [D]hard, it don't always [E]work
You just try your [A]best not to get [F#m]hurt
I used to be [D]mad but now I [E]know
Sometimes it's [A]better to let [F#m]someone go
It just hadn't [D]hit me yet
The older I [A]get
Verse 2:
I used to [D]wonder [F#m]why, why they could [E]never be happy
[A]I used to [D]close my [F#m]eyes and pray for a [E]whole 'nother family
Where [A]everything was [D]fine, [F#m]one that felt like [E]mine
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