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ı luv ts and guitar

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Verse 1 Am C My life's been magic, seems fantastic
Tobi, 17 / 03, 2021 1,213
I love it when you [Am] call me señorita I wish I could [C] pretend I didn't need ya But every t
Tobi, 23 / 07, 2019 4,745
[Bm] [G] [Bm] [G] [Bm]Midnight... you come and pick me up, no [G]headlights [Bm]Long d
DragonSliver, 21 / 02, 2020 3,254
Intro Em D Em D Em D C Verse 1 Em D Em D
Tobi, 30 / 12, 2020 1,542
[D]Stand there like a [A]ghost Shaking from the [G] rain (rain) [D]She'll open up the [A]door and
Chord Imperfect, 2 / 07, 2018 2,552

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