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I love to sing and play guitar!

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Verse I've [C]made up my mind, don't [G]need to think it over If I'm [Em]wrong I am right, don't [
Chord Imperfect, 13 / 11, 2017 3,747
-Verse 1 I [G]heard that you're [D]settled down That you [Em]found a girl And you're [C]marrie
Tobi, 4 / 07, 2019 2,471
[Verse1] G D Fall into my mattress endlessly B I
Tobi, 28 / 02, 2020 464
Verse 1: [C]I'm a dumb teen [G]boy I eat [E]sticks and rocks and [F]mud I don't [C]care about
Chord Imperfect, 21 / 01, 2019 10,517
[C] [Am] [Em] My [C] [Am] [Em] My [C] [Am] [Em] [C]Sitting all alone [Am]Mouth full of gum
Chord Imperfect, 11 / 11, 2018 4,902

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