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Intro G Am F Verse 1 [G]Last night might as [Am]well have been an all-out [F]war Girl, I don
Declanmatheny, 9 / 04, 2024 270
Verse 1 E C#m B Josie's on a vacation far away, come around and talk it ove
Declanmatheny, 11 / 03, 2024 765
Capo: 3 Intro C D C D C D Verse 1 Well I [G]wonder what it's like to [D]be [Em]the [C][G]
Declanmatheny, 8 / 03, 2024 474
Chorus Well in [C][G]You The good [D]I'll do The good [C]I'll do Oh, the good [G]I'll [C][G][D][
Declanmatheny, 5 / 03, 2024 688
Intro G Ooooh G D Em C G D C C Verse 1 [G]I see you [D]there, Em Waiting by the do
Declanmatheny, 5 / 03, 2024 486

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