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Posted songs of Olivia

======================= [Bb]I got my driver's license last week, Just like we always talked about
Olivia, 11 / 01, 2021 Bb Bb5 Cm Dm Eb Eb5 Ebm7 F G5 Gm 1,718
G D What does it look like in heaven Em
Olivia, 6 / 01, 2021 Am C D Em G 217
F Am It's inevitable everything that's good comes to an
Olivia, 31 / 12, 2020 Am C Csus2 F G 232
[D]You'd rather leave me [Bm]broken [G] [D] Tha [D]n whole with an empt [Bm]y heart, [G] [D] We we
Olivia, 30 / 12, 2020 A Bm D G 172
Dear patience[Bm] Can we [G]share a drink and let go of the pressure?[D] Dear Patience[Bm] 'Caus
Olivia, 27 / 12, 2020 A Bm D Em G 261
(Intro) [A#] [Dm] [F] [Am7] No, your [A#]mom don't get it And your [Dm]dad don't get it Uncle
Olivia, 22 / 11, 2020 A# Am7 C Dm F 259
[Intro] G Bm Cmaj7 C X2 [Verse1] G So I never really knew you Bm God I really tried to
Olivia, 24 / 02, 2020 Am Am7 B Bm C Cm Cmaj7 D D7 Ebm Em G Gm 14,768
[E]Lately I [B]found myself [A]thinking [E]Been dreaming about[B] you a lot[A] [E]And up in my hea
Olivia, 4 / 01, 2018 A B C#m E 1,010