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Intro Am7 E7 Dm7 E7 Am7 Am Dm7 E7 Am7 Verse 1 Em7 Dm7 Sometimes I wish
Tobi, 25 / 03, 2021 A A7 Am Am7 C C#m C#m7 Cm7 Dm Dm7 E E7 Em Em7 4,856
Intro C E7 F Dm7 Ooh-oh-Woah Verse 1 C Balloons are deflated E7 Guess they look life
Tobi, 17 / 03, 2021 C Cmaj7 Dm Dm7 E E7 Em7 F Fmaj7 G 3,411
Intro Fmaj7 Em7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Chorus Fmaj7 I got my peaches out in Geo
Tobi, 19 / 03, 2021 C Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Fmaj7 3,280
Intro Dm C Ooh, ooh, ooh Em G Ooh, ooh, ooh Verse 1 Dm Up in you
Tobi, 25 / 03, 2021 C Dm Em G 3,126
Intro Amaj7 D7 Cmaj7 B7 Bm7 Verse 1 Amaj7 Feelin' comfortable, right here where you are D
Tobi, 25 / 03, 2021 A Amaj7 B7 Bm7 Cmaj7 D7 Dm7 E F G 3,119
Chorus Dm Two-thirty, baby, won't you meet me by The Bean? Dm Too early, maybe later y
Tobi, 25 / 03, 2021 Bb Dm Dm/A Dm/f Edim Gm7 2,519