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Tones and I

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[Verse] Em C They say oh my god I see the way you shine
Tobi, 1 / 11, 2019 Bm C D Em 176k
[Intro] E A x4 [Verse1] E A E A All, your life no E A
Tobi, 28 / 11, 2019 A D E F#m 5,012
[Intro] Bm G D A [Verse1] Bm G Johnny was a yo
Tobi, 28 / 11, 2019 A Bm D F#m G 2,752
[Intro] Am C Em Dm C Bm [Verse1] Am No one wants to listen to the kids these days
Tobi, 28 / 11, 2019 Am Bm C D Dm Em 1,010