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Morgan Wallen

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Intro A A#dim Bm G D A A#dim Bm G D A A#dim Verse 1 Bm G I do
Tobi, 20 / 01, 2021 A A#dim Bm D G 2,358
[F]Girl, our mamas are best friends and so are we The [Gm]whole town's rooting for us like the home
Tobi, 8 / 10, 2020 Bb Dm F Gm 2,096
Intro D F#m A D F#m A Verse 1 D F#m A Well, I've been
Tobi, 9 / 02, 2023 A D F#m 1,727
Verse 1 D G D Boy gets a guitar and starts writing songs D
Tobi, 11 / 05, 2022 A Bm D Em G 1,681
Intro: Gm Bb Verse 1: Gm Mama don't pray for my success anymore, yeah Bb But mama stil
Tobi, 1 / 10, 2023 Bb Gm 246