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Joseph Vincent

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Verse 1: You're just too [D]good to be true. Can't take my [Dmaj7]eyes off you. You'd be like [D7
Chord Imperfect, 1 / 01, 2019 A A6 A7 B Bb Bbm Bm7 C D D6 D7 Dmaj7 E7 Em Em7 Em7b5 F F#m7 F7 Fmaj7 G G7 Gdim Gm6 96,160
(Verse) [Em]Through all of time and space [A7]I'd always rearrange [Em]Everything around me, so [
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 02, 2017 A7 Am B C7 D Em G Gm 4,504