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Olly Murs

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There's a [F]girl but I [G]let her get a[Am]way It's all my [F]fault cause [G]pride got in the [Am]
Chord Imperfect, 27 / 06, 2018 Am Dm F G 97,126
My heart skips-skips-skips-skips-skips-skips a beat. Olly Murs, Chiddy Bang Them girls make your h
Chord Imperfect, 1 / 07, 2018 Am D Em G 692
I [Dm]walk in the club like a [G]million bucks First I [Bb]hit the bar for a [Am]couple of shots W
Chord Imperfect, 21 / 10, 2018 Am Bb C D Dm F G 541
Verse 1 G C G I drew a broken heart G C Em Right on your windo
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 C D Em G 297
Am F C G We got our eyes wide open, feeling like we're almos
Bui Nhu Sy, 27 / 08, 2019 Am C Dm F G 226
Instrumental D F#m G#m/F# F#m C/G C C5 Oh-oh Bb Oh-oh C5 Oh-
Bui Nhu Sy, 28 / 08, 2019 A Ab Bb C C5 Cm D F F# F#m G G#m 226
F#m Bm Where do I begin? D Should I tell you E
Bui Nhu Sy, 28 / 08, 2019 A Bm D E F#m 225
Verse C Dm I don't wanna be your lover F
Bui Nhu Sy, 28 / 08, 2019 Bb C Dm F Gm7 221
VERSE : D A Weekends in bed, no scramble eggs, or bacon
Bui Nhu Sy, 28 / 08, 2019 A Bm D G 220
Verse 1 F Am Now excuse me if I sound rude G But I love the way that yo
Bui Nhu Sy, 28 / 08, 2019 Am Em F G 216