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Bedroom Community

Standard tuning, capo 1
[Cmaj7]Here it is [D]again, a [Am7]heart of [Dm]excitement
[C]In the form of a [Dm]girl [E]who [Bb9]hates her [C]life
[C]As she sits [G]alone [A]on [Gm]the floor of her [Fmaj7]bed[Bb9]room
[C]Waiting [Dm]for [Am]answers, [F]wasting [C]time
[C] [D] [A], [F] [Dm] [E] [Fmaj7] [C] [B7]
[F] [Dm] [Am] [C] [Bm7]
[C]Here it is [Dm]again, the [Cmaj7]son of [Dm]a [C]soldier
[C]Remington [Dm]shotgun, [Cmaj7]rolled up sleeves
[Cmaj7]To keep Satan out [A]of [C7]the [Fmaj7]walls of the [Bb9]suburbs
[C]His last bastion [F]of [C]mo [F]der [G]ni [C]ty
[C]But Satan [Cm7]waits [G9]upstairs,
[Am7]watching [Fmaj7]over his daugh [Dm]ter
[C]She writes emo [F]songs, [C]she's so [Bb9]de [Cmaj7]pressed
[Cmaj7]Her lyrics are naive
[Edim]but she still [Fmaj7]sings her heart [Dm]out
[C]The only way she [F]knows [Fmaj7]how to [Cmaj7]confess
[Cmaj7]And as [Fmaj7]she [Am7]gets up to shut the bedroom door behind her
[Am7]He stands right [Dm]beside her,
[C]she's trying to [Dm]get her [G]head on straight
[G]With [Am]box dye hair to match her black [Em]thigh [Am7]highs
[Am7]And scratched [F]nail polish, she performs [Gmaj7]femininity [Fmaj7]
[Fmaj7]She [G]laughs so hard
[Am7]I watch her lose her [Em]balance, [Am7]fall over backwards
[F]To the arms of [A]Mephisto[D]pheles
[C]But she'll never leave her [F]bedroom
in this [F#dim]bedroom [C]com[G]mu[F]ni[C]ty
[Dbdim] [Dm] [G7] [E7] [Am] [G]
[Dbdim] [Dm] [G7] [Em7] [Am7] [F]
[Dbdim] [Dm] [G7] [E7] [Am] [G]
[Dbdim] [Dm] [G7] [Em7] [Am7] [F]
[D7]He [Cmaj7]said you'll never be [Gm]OK, K,
[Cmaj7]if you don't come to your senses [G]
[C]With you [Dm]every[Em]thing's [C]the [Dm]end of the world
[Em7]Melan[Cmaj7]cho[Bm7]lia can [Em7]spread like a virus
[C]I'm sure you [Dm]got it from that [G6]stupid [Cmaj7]girl
[Cmaj7]You'll never be [E7]OK,
if you [Am7]don't come to your senses
[C]But I feel so [F]defenseless, [Em]so [C]alone
[Am7]I thought [E]he was right
when he [Gm]said that he [Fmaj7]loved [Bb9]me
[C]He's still [Dm]thinking of [A]me from [G7]up [C]there [E7]
[Fmaj7]And as they [G]stop to [C]look at [Em]her they won't look [Fdim]further
[Am7]Like it's not a murder, it's an [F]inevitable [Gm]trage[Am]dy
[Am]The [G7]bloody [E7]hands [C]of all the [Em]heartless fuckers
[C]Who emotionally [F]fucked her to [Gmaj7]monetize her [Fmaj7]suffering
[Fmaj7]Flipping [Em]through a [C]spiral notebook for [Em]some
Sad [Fdim]hope [C]less [Dm]words to [C7]turn into a [Dm]lit[Gm]ur[C]gy
[C]So she'll [Fmaj7]never leave her [Em]bedroom
[B7]in this [Gm]bedroom [Dm]com[Em]mu[Bm]ni[C]ty
[C7] [G] [Em] [C7] [D]
[C7] [G] [Em] [C7] [D]
[C7] [G] [Em] [C7] [D]
[C7] [G] [Em] [C7] [D]
[Cmaj7]Da na na na naaa
[Gb]Na na na na na
[Am7]Na na na na na
[Dm]Na na na
[C]Na na na na [E]NA na
[Dm]NAA nana na na
[Bb9]Na na na na [C]na
[C]Na [F]na [Am7]na
[C] [Fmaj7] [Em7] [Dm] [Em7] [Fm7] [G7] [Em] [C7]
[C] [Fmaj7] [Em7] [Dm] [Em7] [Fm7] [G7] [Em] [C7]
[Cmaj7]No no no no no no no no no no
[Gb]No no NO no, no no no no
[Am7]Nonono no no NO no
[Dm]No no no no no no
[C]No NO NO NO, [E]no no no no
[Dm]Nonono no no NO no
[C]No [F]no [Am7]no no no no no no no no
[Bb9]No nooo NO no, [C]no no no no
[Bb9]Nonono no no [C]NO no
[E]No we'll never [C]leave our [B7]bedrooms
We're a [G]bed[Ddim]room [Dm]co[Am7]mmu[D]ni[C]ty
[Bm] [Am] [Dm] [E] [F] [F] [C] [Dm] [E] [F]
[Bm] [Am] [Dm] [E] [F] [F] [C] [Dm] [E] [F]
[C]Here it is [E7]again, a [Cmaj7]heart of ex[Dm]cite[C]ment
[C]In the [Dm]form of a [Cmaj7]girl who [F]hates her [G7]life
[G7]As she [Am7]sits alone on the [Em]floor of [Fmaj7]her [Bb9]bedroom
[Eaug]Waiting [D7] for [F]an[A]swers, [D7]was[G7]ting [C]time
[G] [Fm] [Am] [C] [E] [Gm] [F] [Bb9] [C] [Gm] [Eaug]
[D7] [F] [A] [D7] [G7] [F] [C]
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