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C'est si bon

[F] [Gm7] [F] [Gm7] [C]
C'est si [Gm7]bon,
[C]De partir n'importe [F]ou,
[D7]Bras dessus bras de[Gm7]ssous,
[C]En chantant des chan[F]sons,
[D7]C'est si [Gm7]bon
[C]Lovers say that in [F]France
[D7]When they thrill to ro[Gm7]mance
[C]It means that it's so [F]good [Fmaj7]
En vo[Cm7]yant notre [F7]mine ra[Bb]vie
Les pa[Dm7]ssants dans la [G7]rue, nous en[C7]vient
C'est si [Gm7]bon
[C]Nothing else can re[F]place
[D7]Just your slightest em[Gm7]brace
[C]And if you only [Am7]would
[D7]C'est si [Gm7]bon
[Bb]Ces pe[Eb]tit's sensa[F]tions
[D7]A vaut mieux qu'un milli[Gm7]on.
[C7]tell'ment, tell'ment C'est [F]bon
[Gm7] [C] [F] [D7] [Gm7] [C] [D7]
C'est si [Gm7]bon
[C]De pouvoir s'embra[F]sser
[D7]Et puis de recommen[Gm7]cer
[C7]À la moindre occa[F]sion [Fmaj7]
Every [Cm7]word every [F7]sigh
every [Bb]kisses
Leads to [Dm7]only one [G7]thought
and the [C7]thought is this dear
C'est si [Gm7]bon
[C]De guetter dans ces [F]cieux
[D7]Un espoir mervei[Gm7]lleux
[C7]Qui donne le fri[Am7]sson [D7]
Be my [Gm7]own for the [Eb]rest of my [F]days
[D7]I would whisper this [Gm7]phrase
[C7]My darling c'est si [F]bon
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Updated 2020-11-14
Views: 25 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Andre Hornez , Henry Betti , Jerry Seelen Genre: French Favorite: 0
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