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C NIKI C Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
[C] [Em] [C] [Em]
(Verse 1)
[C]I will never know if you[Em]you love me
Or my[C]my company, but [Em]I don’t mind
Cause I ain’t tryn[F]ain’t tryna be the one
Been through this a[Fm]a thousand times
I don’t need to[F]to take your heart
You keep yours [Fm]I’ll keep mine
(Verse 2)
[C]All I really know is when I’m[Em]I’m lonely
I hate that I’m[C]I’m lonely
And [Em]that’s why I let you in
And maybe in[F]in another life
we fight all day,[Fm]day, kiss all night
But I don’t wanna[F]wanna break your
heart, you keep yours[Fm]yours I’ll keep mine
(Pre-Chorus 1)
[F]I know
[Fm]We know better so
We’d both better go
[C]I don’t need a[Em]a reason
To keep on [F]dreamin’
That [Fm]we don’t lose, yeah what’s the use?
[C]I don’t need a[Em]a reason
To keep on [F]dreamin’, oh
That [Fm]we can win at anything at [C]all
[Em] [C] [Em]
(Verse 3)
[C]Am I the only one who sees right [Em]through this?
Yeah all this [C]bullshit
Don’t [Em]play me for no fool
Yeah you don’t gotta [F]lose your
mind, every time [Fm]I don’t call
And I should never have to [F]win your love
Then hate myself [Fm]when I don’t, oh, oh
(Verse 4)
[C]Fickle as you are, that’s exactly[Em]exactly
why I keep on running back
Cause I’m[C]I’m brittle at the parts
where I wish I were [Em]strong
And maybe when you [F]need my
help, I like myself [Fm]when it’s over
But later in the [F]light, you go
dark and rogue, and [Fm]I need closure
[F]And I know, what[G]whatever this is ain’t[Fm]ain’t love
So [F]I’m goin’
[Fm]I’m gonna let you go, let you go
[C]I don’t need a [Em]reason
To keep on [F]dreamin’
That [Fm]we don't lose, yeah what’s the use?
[C]I don’t need a [Em]reason
[F]To keep on dreamin’
That [Fm]I can win this stupid thing called [C]love
[Em] [C] [Em] [F] [Fm] [C]
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Updated 2020-09- 6
Views: 248 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: NIKI Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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