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Ordinary Song

C Marc Velasco C Vote rhythm
Just an [C]ordinary [Am]song to a [Dm]special girl like [G]you
From a [Dm]simple guy who's [G]so in love with [C]you [G]
I may [C]not have much to [Am]show no [Dm]diamonds that [G]glow
No [Dm]limousines to [G]take you where you [C]go [C7]
But if you [F]ever find yours[G]elf tired of [E7]all the games you [Am]play [G]
When the [F]world seems so un[G]fair you can [E7]count on me to [Am]stay [G]
Just take some [F]time to [G]lend an ear to this [Dm]ordi[G]nary [C]song
Just an [C]ordinary [Am]song to a [Dm]special girl like [G]you
From a [Dm]simple guy who's [G]so in love with [C]you [G]
I don't [C]even have the [Am]looks to [Dm]make you glance my [G]way
The [Dm]clothes I wear may [G]just seem so ab[C]surd [C7]
But deep in[F]side of me is [G]you you give [E7]life to what I [Am]do [G]
All those [F]years may see [G]you through still I'll be [E7]waiting here for [Am]you [G]
If you have [Dm]time, please, [G]lend an ear to this [Dm]ordi[G]nary [C]song
Just an [C]ordinary [Am]song to a [Dm]special girl like [G]you
From a [Dm]simple guy who's [G]so in love with [C]you [G]
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Updated 2020-09- 5
Views: 100 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Marc Velasco Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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