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E Pearl Jam E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
[E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D] [E] [D]
Oh, to[E]night beg[D]an with anything[E]. [D]
[E]Shaft of a light. A war[D]m breath and a scre[E]am. Ah, yea[D]h.
O[E]h, tamper if you lik[D]e between the door[E]s. Oh yeah. Huh.[D] Huh.
Oh, can[E]'t expect to go[D] out, to go out with anyt[E]hing, anything mo[D]re.
[E]Oh reach the do[D]door. A breath and a scr[E]scream.
Oh reach the do[D]door. And a la la la l[E]la yeah.
Life ain't what it's [D]worth.
A breath and a scr[E]scream Oh reach the do[D]door.
A[E]ll these reaching ha[D]nds out grabbing thi[E]ngs.[D] Grabbing me.
[E]Day in day out ac[D]cumulatin[E]g. Ah yeah[D].
[E]Whoa. I suggest you s[D]tep out on
your por[E]ch Oh yeah. Huh.[D] Huh. Huh. Huh. yeah.
[E]Run away my s[D]on. See it al[E]l. Oh see the wo[D]rld.
[E]Oh reach the do[D]door. A breath and a sc[E]scream
Oh reach the do[D]door. Oha and a la la la la y[E]yeah.
Life ain't what it's wort[D]worth.
A breath and a scr[E]scream, Oh reach the do[D]door.
[C#]Come. Here it comes. There it goes. When it comes.
Where it goes. Where it comes.
Can't see through the fa[E]faith. Woah.
Ooh. C[C#]Come. Here it comes. There it goes. Grasp what you can.
Don't you know there's something in[E]inside your head, yeah.
[G#]Oh, if I knew where it was
I would t[A]take you there, but there's much more than [E]this.
Ooh. Whoa,[D] much more than this[E]. Woh see the wor[D]ld.
Much more than[E]than...oh
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Updated 2020-06-23
Views: 48 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Pearl Jam Genre: US-UK , Rock Favorite: 0
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