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E Pearl Jam E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
(Verse 1)
[E]Sheets of empty [Asus2]
canvas, untouched [E]sheets of clay [Asus2]
Were [E]laid spread out be[A]before me as her [E]body once did
[E]All five hor[Asus2]horizons revolved [E]around
her soul [Asus2]as the earth to the sun
[E]Now the air I [A]tasted and breathed has [E]taken a turn
[C]Hmmmm, and all I taught her was every[Em]everything
[C]Hmmmm, I know she gave me all that [Em]she wore
And now my [D]bitter hands,
Chafe [C]beneath the clouds
Of what was [Em]everything
All the [D]pictures
Have all been [C]washed in black
Tattooed everyt[Em]everything
(Verse 2)
[E]I take a [Asus2]walk outside, I'm sur[E]sur
rounded by some [Asus2]kids at play
[E]I can feel their [A]laughter so, [E]why do I sear
[C]Hmmmm, and twisted thoughts that
spin 'round my[Em]my head, I'm spinning, oh
I'm [C]spinning, how quick the sun can drop a[Em]away
And now my [D]bitter hands
Cradle [C]broken glass
Of what was ever[Em]everything
All the [D]pictures have
All been [C]washed in black
Tattooed ever[Em]everything
All the [D]love gone bad
Turned my [C]world to black
And tattooed all [D]I see,
All that [C]I am,
All I'll [Em]be
[D] [C]Yeah [Em]Uh huh [D]Uh huh [C]
I [Em]know someday you'll have a beautiful life,
I [D]know you'll be a star in so[C]somebody else's sky
But [Em]why, why, [D]why can't it [C]be,
[C]Why can't it be m[Em]mine [D] [C]
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Updated 2020-06-23
Views: 39 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Pearl Jam Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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