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Flightless bird, American mouth ( Twilight OST)

C Iron & Wine Eb Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo 3
I was a [C]quick-wit boy
Diving too [Am]deep for coins
All of your [F]straight blind eyes
Wide on my [G]plastic toys
Then when the [C]cops closed the fair
I cut my [Am]long, baby hair
And stole me a [F]dog-eared map
And called for [G]you everywhere
Have I [C]found you?
[Am]Flightless bird, [F]jealous, [G]weeping
Or [C]lost you, [Am]American mouth
[F]Big pill [G]looming
Now I'm a [C]fat house cat
Nursing my [Am]sore, blunt tongue
Watching the [F]warm, poisoned rats
Curl through the [G]wide fence cracks
Kissing on [C]magazine photos
Those [Am]fishing lures
Thrown in the [F]cold and clean
Blood of [G]Christ mountain stream
Have I [C]found you?
[Am]Flightless bird, [F]grounded, [G]bleeding
Or [C]lost you, [Am]American mouth
[F]Big pill, [G]stuck [F]going [G]down...
[C]humm [C]humm [Am]humm [F]humm... [G]...

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Updated 2020-02- 7
Views: 23 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Iron & Wine Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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