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Make It With You

E Bread E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
[Emaj7] [F#m7/E] [x2]
[Emaj7] Hey, have you ev[F#m7/E]ever tried
[Emaj7] Really reaching out for the ot[B7sus2]other side
[A]I may be climbing on ra[G#m]rainbows
But [F#m7/E]baby, here goes[B7sus2]goes
[Emaj7] Dreams, they're for tho[F#m7/E]those who sleep
[Emaj7] Life is for us [B7sus2]to keep
[A]And if you're wond'ring what
this a[G#m]ll is lea[C#sus]ding t[C#]o [B7sus2] [(break)]
I wanna make it with y[Emaj7]you,
[B7sus2] i really think that we could m[Emaj7]make it girl[A]girl [G#m] [F#m] [B7sus2]
[Emaj7] No, you don't kn[F#m7/E]know me well
[Emaj7] Every little thing, only ti[B7sus2]time will tell
[A]But you believe the things that [G#m]I do
and w[F#m]we'll see it through[B7sus2]through. [B7]
[Emaj7] Life can be sh[F#m7/E]short or long
[Emaj7] Love can be ri[B7sus2]right or wrong,
[A]And if I chose the one I'd [G#m]like to help me thr[C#sus]through [C#]
[B7sus2] I'd like to make it with y[Emaj7]you,
[B7sus2] I really think that we could m[Emaj7]make it girl. [B7sus2]
[Emaj7] [B7sus2] [x3]
B[B7sus2]Baby you know that....
[Emaj7] Dreams, they're for t[B7sus2]those who sleep
[Emaj7] Life is for us [B7sus2]to keep
An[A]d if I chose the I'd l[G#m]ike to help me thr[C#sus]ough [C#]
[B7sus2]I'd lik[(pause)]like to make it with you.[Emaj7]you.
[Coda] (fade)
[B7sus2] I really think that we could mak[Emaj7]make it, girl...[B7sus2]girl.... [Emaj7]

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Tobi 1 weeks ago
E Emaj7 F#m7/E B7sus2 A G#m C# F#m B7 0

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Updated 2020-02- 2
Views: 23 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Bread Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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