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All Is Found (Frozen 2)

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    Tone: [Am]
    Where the north[Am]north wind meets the se[D]sea
    There's a river[F]river full of memor[C]memory
    Sleep, my [Dm]darling, safe and sou[F]sound
    [C]For in th[G]this river all is fou[Am]found
    In her [Am]waters, deep an[D]and true
    Lie the [F]answers and a [C]path for you
    Dive down d[Dm]deep into her soun[F]sound
    B[C]ut not to[G]o far or you'll be drown[Am]ed
    Yes, she[F]she will sing to those who'll he[C]hear
    And in her son[Dm]song, all magic flo[Bb]flows
    But can[F]can you brave what you most fear[Em]fear?
    Can you f[Dm]face what the river knows[Fm]knows?
    Wher[Bbm]Where the north wind meets the sea[Eb]sea
    There's a moth[Gb]mother full of memory[Db]memory
    Come, my da[Ebm]darling, homeward boun[Gb]bound
    When all is l[Ab]lost, then all is foun[Bb]found


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    Updated 2019-11-25
    Views: 170 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
    Author: Evan Rachel Wood Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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