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Tonghua - 童話

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    Tone [C]
    Capo on 6th fret
    1. Wang le you [C] duo jiu zai mei ting [Am] dao ni
    Dui wo shuo [F] ni zui ai de gu [G] shi
    Wo xiang le [C] hen jiu wo kai shi [Am] wang le
    Shi bu shi [F] wo you zuo cuo le she [G] me.
    2. Ni ku zhe [C] dui wo shuo tong hua li [Am] du shi pian ren de
    Wo bu ke [F] neng shi ni de wang [G] zi
    Ye xu ni [C] bu hui dong cong ni shuo [Am] ai wo yi hou
    Wo de tian [F] kong xing xing dou liang [G] le.
    Wo yuan bian [C] cheng tong hua [G] li ni ai [Am] de na ge tian s [C] hi
    Zhang kai shuang [F] shou bian cheng [G] chi pang shou hu [C] ni
    Ni yao xiang [F] xin xiang xin [G] wo men hui xiang [C] tong hua gu shi [Am] li
    Xing fu [F] he kuai le [G] shi jie [C] ju
    * Yi qi [F] xie wo men [G] de jie [C] ju.


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    Updated 2019-08-17
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    Author: Michael Wong / Quang Lương Genre: Chinese Favorite: 0
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