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You're My Everything

Capo 3
You're my [Em]everything
The [Am]sun that shines a [D]
bove you makes the [G]blue bird sing
The [C]stars that twinkle way up in the [Am]sky
Tell me [D]I'm in [G]love
When I [Em]kiss your lips
I [Am]feel the rolling [D]thunder to my [G]finger tips
And [C]all the while my head is in a [Am]spin
Deep with [D]in I'm [G]in love
You're my [Am]everything
And [D]nothing really matters but the [G]love you [Bm]bring [C]
You're my [Am]everything
To [Bm]see you in the morning with those [Em]big brown eyes
You're my [Am]everything
For [D]ever and the day I need you [G]close to [Bm]me [C]
You're my [Am]everything
You [Bm]never have to worry, never [C]fear
For I am [Bm]near
When I [Em]hold you tight
There's [Am]nothing that can [D]harm you in the [G]lonely night
I'll [C]come to you and keep you safe and [Am]warm
Ah it's so [D]strong my [G]love
When I [Em]kiss your lips
I [Am]feel the rolling [D]thunder to my [G]fingertips
And [C]all the while my head is in a [Am]spin
Deep wi[D]thin, how I'm in [G]love
You're my [Em]everything
I [Am]live upon the [D]land and see the [G]sky above
I'll [C]swim within oceans sweet and [Am]warm
There's no [D]storm my [G]love
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Updated 2018-04-16
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Author: Santa Esmeralda Genre: Nhạc Ngoại Favorite: 20
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