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Posted songs of Tobi

Verse 1: "[Cmaj7]Seven days" was all she wrote A [Eb]kind of ulti[Bb]matum note She [G]gave to m
Tobi, yesterday Am Bb Bm C C7/Bb Cmaj7 E E7 E7/G# Eadd9 Eb F F#m7b5 Fadd9 Fm Fmaj7 G 8
Verse: [E]Over the mountains and the [C#m]sea Your river runs with love for [A]me, and I will o
Tobi, yesterday A B C#m E F#m 9
Verse 1: O [F]little town of [A#]Bethlehem How still [C7]we see thee lie [G]Above [D#]thy [D]dee
Tobi, yesterday A# A7 C7 D D# F G Gm 9
Intro: [A] [B] [C#m] [A] [B] [C#m] [A] [B] [C#m] [A] [B] [C#m] [C#m] [F#] Baby, tell me,
Tobi, yesterday A B C# C#m C#m7 D#m E F# F#m F#m7 G# G#m 8
Verse 1: [C] True lovers never take it slowly [Am7] When they've [Am] found the one and only [F]
Tobi, yesterday A Am Am7 Bm C D Dm F Fm G 8
Though I know it's [A] time to take you home Baby you and [Gbm] I are all alone We should take a [
Tobi, yesterday A B Bm Bm/d Bm7 D Db Dbm Dm E Gbm 8
Verse 1: [Em9] Baby, I can't figure it out Your kisses taste like honey Sweet lies don't gimme n
Tobi, 21 / 11, 2020 A7 Am7 B7 Bm7 D7 Dmaj7 Em7 Em9 F G Gbm7 9
[D]Lately I'm so tired [Bm]if I took [A]it all I'll warn you I never [E]meant to [D]if I left
Tobi, 21 / 11, 2020 A B Bm C# D E F# G# 9
[G] Passeront les hivers passeront les prin-[G] temps [D] [Em] Rien jamais ne pourra dénouer ce s
Tobi, 21 / 11, 2020 Am Am7 Bm C D Em G 9
Intro: [G#] [Cm7] [Bb] [Bbm] [Ebadd9] [Fm7] [Cm7] [Db] [Csus4] 1. My heart says
Tobi, 21 / 11, 2020 Am Am7 Bb Bb6 Bbm Bbm/Db Bbm7 C7 Cm Cm/Eb Cm7 Csus4 Db Dbm Dm Dm7 E Eb Eb/G Ebadd9 Ebm7 Ebsus4 F Fm Fm7 Fsus4 G# G#/C Gm Gm/Bb Gm7 12