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Posted songs of Tobi

Verse 1 [Am]You kept me as [G]your favourite [C]secret [F]And I thought [C]we just took it [G]slow
Tobi, today Am C F G 0
Yeah [Dm]Wanna know what it's like (like) Baby, show me what it's like (like) [Bb]I don't really go
Tobi, today Am Bb Dm 1
jina [G]nal amu gyehwekdo [Bm]opsi yogi [Am]seoul [D]ro watdon [G]no [B7]jom oridoongjolhan [Em]pyo
Tobi, today A#m Am B7 Bm C C# Cm D D# E7 Em G G# 0
[Em]...Wish that I'd [G]known this feeling was [Am]coming when I was crying over [Em]you Now that y
Tobi, today Am Em G 0
C G Am They say the poles are shifting F G I don’t mean the on
Tobi, yesterday Am C F G G7 7
Verse Nangangamba [C], nangangamba [Cm7]ang iyong puso Hindi ka sigura [G]do ('di ka sigura [G7]do
Tobi, 25 / 07, 2021 Am7 C Cm7 G G7 7
[Em]I was as [Am]wrong as I could [D]be to let you [G]get away from [C]me I'll [G]regret that move
Tobi, 25 / 07, 2021 A A# A7 Am B Bm C C# C#7 C#m Cm Cm7b5 D D# D#7 D#m D#m7b5 D7 Dm E Em Em7b5 F F# F#m F7 G G# G#7 G#m Gm 6
[G]swineun narira jibe [E7]man itgo sip [Am]jiga anhaseo [Am]oraenmaniya [D]mocheoreom nagal [Cm]ju
Tobi, 25 / 07, 2021 A#m Am B7 Bm C C#m C7 Cm D D# E7 Em F7 Fm G G# 5
[C]Here [A7]we are, [Dm]out of ciga [G]rettes, [C]Holding hands and yawning, [F]look how late [G]i
Tobi, 25 / 07, 2021 A7 Am C D7 Dm E7 Em F G G7 7
Verse 1 [A]If I just stay [C#m]here While the [D]sun [A][E]sets [A]If your frozen [C#m]heart Cou
Tobi, 25 / 07, 2021 A Bm C#m D E F#m G#m 8