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Posted songs of Tobi

[Verse] E The world waits for a miracle A The heart longs for a little bit of hope C#m
Tobi, today A A6 A6/B B C# C#7 C#m E F#m G#m 1
[Verse] F G C It's Christmas time, there's no need to be af
Tobi, today Am C Dm F G G5 0
[Verse1] C G So much has happened, think of what we've done
Tobi, today A Am Bm C D E7 F F#7 Fm G Gm 0
[Intro] Em G D D x2 [Chorus] Em Oh, she said in triumph G Oh, she said to me D Bab
Tobi, today D Em G 0
Intro: D A G, D G D A7 Verse 1: D When the snowman brings the snow,
Tobi, today A A7 Amaj7 B Bm C D Dm E E/G# Em F#m G G/f# 0
[Intro] Bb F Cm Bb F Bb [Verse1] Bb Gm We fight, we get high hol
Tobi, today Bb Cm F Gm 0
[Intro] C D G Em C D G Em [Chorus] C She put my name
Tobi, today C D Em G 0
C Am F G Stern über Betlehem, zeig uns den Weg, C Am
Tobi, today Am C Em F G 0
[Intro] G Bm Em C No, no, no [Verse1] G Know just how to make me miss ya W
Tobi, yesterday Bm C Em G 1
[Intro] G Man, what? (Haha) D A This shit funny I was like- G
Tobi, yesterday A D G 2