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Posted songs of Tobi

[Intro] Dmaj7 A Em7 Gm6 C [Verse1] Dmaj7 A I don't
Tobi, yesterday A C D Dmaj7 Em7 F F#m7 G Gm6 0
[Intro] C [Verse1] C I can't wait to show you where I grew up Am Walk you 'round the fo
Tobi, yesterday Am C F G 2
[Intro] Am Dm E Am [Verse] Am I'm just a poor Wayfaring stranger Dm
Tobi, yesterday Am C Dm E E7 Em F 1
[Intro] Cmaj7 Cm G x2 [Verse1] Cmaj7 Cm G Cmaj7 O
Tobi, yesterday A C Cm Cmaj7 Em G 0
[Verses] A#m F Last night I had the strangest dream Am G I
Tobi, yesterday A A#m Am C Cm Dm Em F G 0
[Intro] E|--16-14----------------------17--16-14----------------------------------| B|--------17-1
Tobi, yesterday A7 Am C Dm E7 F G7 1
[Intro] G Am Em F# G Am Em D [Verse] G Le buone intenzioni, l’educazione C L
Tobi, yesterday Am B Bm C D Em F# G 1
C D Bm Em [Verse1] C Hey, you D D7 I'm just now leaving G
Tobi, yesterday B Bm C D D7 Em G 1
[Intro] F Am It is if everyone dies alone C Does that scare you? F I don't wanna b
Tobi, yesterday Am C Em F 0
[Verse1] Em Cmaj7 A Am I should have known Em Cmaj7 Am I'd leave alone Em Cmaj7
Tobi, yesterday A Am B7 Cmaj7 Em Emmaj9 3