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Posted songs of Tobi

Intro: Am C D Am F G Chorus: Am Come my lady Come come my lady C
Tobi, today Am C D F G 0
Verse: D I can hear a voice from the other side of the room D It says yeah I live a lie because
Tobi, today A D G 0
Intro: G C Verse 1: G Yeah, I've known heartbreak and I've known lonely G I ain't gonna lie
Tobi, today C D Em G 0
Verse 1: D I've got no clue what you're thinking Gbm You move your hand away from mine D
Tobi, today A Bm D E Gbm 0
Intro: (x2) A B Mm-ma-ma mara Mm-ma-ma-ma C#m Mm-ma-Mm mara Mm-ma-Mm Ma-ma-a
Tobi, today A B C#m E G#m 0
C Am he's my best friend, best of all best friends, D7 G
Tobi, today Am C D7 E F Fm G Gbm 0
Verse: Eb Ab All of the stars are sin
Tobi, today Ab Bb Cm Eb Gm 0
D -But only for you- -Only for you- A You said if you don't let it out
Tobi, today A Bm D E G Gbm 0
Chorus: Dm Am I'm a free bird, I don't march to a drum Gm
Tobi, today Am C Dm Gm 0
Intro - x4 -: F Bb Bbm F Verse: F Bb We all got lonely days,
Tobi, today Bb Bbm F 0