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[G]She's a beautiful [D] girl living in her own [Em] world
that she created
[G]There’s a fairy of [D]rain and a mermaid of [Em]blue skies she's dancing
with the butterflies
[G]And you don't know all the secrets to unfold
[D]There’s magic rigns with the power to control
[Em]And pretty flowers that could make you belive that [D]seashellscan talk
[G]Dont look to long or you'll be stuck here forever
[D]Cause magic isn't what it looks on the paper
[Em]And when you finally thought, that you'd
be free you [D]realize you're stuck on saturns [G]rings


Song information

Rebecka Juniper (Key G) (No link)
Rebecka Juniper DEmG Pop
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