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Tone: [G]
Our w[C]whole uni[D]universe was in a [G]hot [D/F#]dense s[Em]tate,
Then nearly [C]fourteen billion [D]years ago [G]expansion [D/F#]started. W[Em]Wait...
The [C]Earth began to [D]cool,
The [G]autotrophs [D/F#]began to d[Em]drool,
Neander[C]Neanderthals developed[D]developed tools,
We built a [G]wall (we bu[D/F#]built the py[Em]pyramids),
[C]Math, science, [D]history, [G]unraveling[D/F#]unraveling the m[Em]mysteries,
That [C]all started [D]with the big [G]bang!
"Since the [C]dawn of [D]man" is really [G]not [D/F#]that l[Em]long,
As every [C]galaxy was [D]formed in less
[G]time than it [D/F#]takes to s[Em]sing this song.
A [C]fraction of a [D]second and the [G]elements [D/F#]were m[Em]made.
The [C]bipeds stood up [D]straight,
The [G]dinosaurs all m[D/F#]met their f[Em]fate,
They tried to [C]leap but they were [D]late
And they all [G]died (they [D/F#]froze their a[Em]asses off)
The [C]oceans and [D]Pangea
See ya, [G]wouldn't wanna[D/F#]wanna be y[Em]ya
Set in [C]motion by the [D]same big [G]bang!
It all [C]started with the [D]big [Am7]BANG!
[D]It's exp[G]anding ever ou[Em]tward but one d[Am7]ay
[D]It will p[G]pause and start to [Em]go the other [Am7]way,
[Am7]Collapsing [D]ever inward, we[Am7]we won't be here, i[D]it won't be heard
[Am7]Our best and b[G/B]brightest figure that [C]it'll make an [D]even bigger bang!
[C] [D] [G] [D/F#] [Em] [C] [D] [G] [D/F#] [Em]
[C]Australo[D]Australopithecus would [G]really [D/F#]have been [Em]sick of us
De[C]Debating how we're [D]here,
they're catching [G]deer (we're [D/F#]catching [Em]viruses)
Re[C]Religion or [D]astronomy, De[G]Descartes or [D/F#]Deuter[Em]onomy
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big bang!
[C]Music and [D]mythology, [G]Einstein [D/F#]and ast[Em]astrology
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big bang!
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big BANG!


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Barenaked Ladies Am7BCDEmF#G US-UK
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