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Bruno Mars

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Cmaj7 B7 Ooh, don't we look good together? Em7 There's a
Bui Nhu Sy, 22 / 08, 2019 B7 Cmaj7 Em7 1,133
[Intro] Em D Bm C [Verse] Em D With everything happening today
Tobi, 6 / 09, 2019 Bm C D Em 1,029
Verse] C Dm C Bb F Gm Never had much faith in love or miracles C Dm C Bb F Gm Never
Bui Nhu Sy, 23 / 08, 2019 A Bb C Dm F Gm 1,015
[Intro] This next song I'm about to do for y'all Is a song that it means a lot to me [Verse1]
Tobi, 30 / 08, 2019 A A#maj7 Am7 Amaj7 B B7 Bm Bm7 C C# C#7 C#m C#m7 C5 C7 Cm7 D# D#7 D7 Dm7 E E7 F F#m F#m7 F7 G#7 G#m G#m7 Gm Gm7 959
[Intro] F Gm C F [Verse1] F Gm Everyday I wake up next to an angel
Tobi, 30 / 08, 2019 A Am Am7 Bb C Dm F Gm 909
Verse 1 D Oh her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining Bm Her hair,
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 Bm D G 905
Verse 1 C Em If you ever leave me baby C Em Leave
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 Am C Cmaj7 Dm E7 Em F G Gsus2 894
[Verse1] D F#m7 Gmaj7 Let's take our time tonight, girl
Tobi, 24 / 08, 2019 A A6 Aadd9 Ab Am Am7 Asus4 B Bb Bm Bm7 Cm D Db E Eb Em Em7 F#m F#m7 Fm G Gm Gmaj7 828
Verse 1 Dm G This hit ,That ice cold Michelle Pfeiffer, That white gold
Bui Nhu Sy, 18 / 08, 2019 Dm F G 827
[Intro] G F G F [Verse1] G Bm Em I've made mistakes G Bm Em
Tobi, 30 / 08, 2019 Am B Bm C Cmaj7 D Dm Em F G 724